Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ

Q. Do I really need a realtor to sell my House?

A. It is hard to beat the marketing, exposure and access to buyers that Realtors® provide.

Having an experienced professional that can negotiate on your behalf will help to protect and maximize the equity in your home and help to prevent costly mistakes.

Q. What is the fee for listing my home?

A. There is no set or recommended fee, known as the Broker’s Fee, for listing a home. The Broker and the Seller negotiate the fee that the Seller will pay in a Listing Contract.

Q. When would my Listing Contract start and end?

A. There is no set or recommended “Term“ for the Listing Contract. The start date and term are negotiated between the Broker/Licensee and the Seller. It maybe a short as one week or as long as one year. The term may not exceed one year by law.

Q. Can I get out of my Listing Contract?

A. You may ask about cancelation terms before you enter into the Listing Contract. You may ask to include a release in the Listing Contract if you should request it.

Q. Should I get a home inspection before I list my home for sale?

A. A prelisting home inspection lets Buyers know you’re an honest Seller presenting quality in the home you’re selling. A home inspection check list is helpful for making repairs and improvements before putting your home on the market. It also may become a valuable negotiating tool during the selling process.